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Price-Volume Candlecharts(TM) is a new charting system that integrates volume and price data in a familiar candlestick-looking chart.
Price-Volume Candlecharts(TM) plot volume right into each bar, one segment for each price bracket you select. The bar width is proportional to the aggregate volume for the selected price bracket and time interval.
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An Intraday Revolution
Sharp volume increase at a particular price has long been considered a reliable signal of intraday trend reversals. We built Price-Volume Candlecharts to show you those signals. Using proprietary mathematical analysis we find those volume spikes in real-time, so you can trade a trend before that trend actually starts. Trade in real-time, far ahead of lagging tools like Moving Averages, RSI, etc.
Volume Leads Price
Sharp volume variations drive intraday trends and mark lines of future Support and Resistant.

Chart samples below show you the power of Price-Volume Candlecharts™.

 Stock: C-Oct. 2, 08
 Stock: QQQQ-Oct. 24, 08
 Stock: MSFT-Oct. 1, 08
 Stock: QQQQ-Oct. 28, 08
 Stock: SPY-Oct. 21, 08
 Stock: SPY-Oct. 9, 08
 Stock: YHOO-Oct. 6, 08
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